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  1. Dear Emma,
    I hope this email finds you well. I have been very fortunate in winning an award to undertake an international study tour to investigate Forest Schools and playgrounds inspired by nature. I became aware of Denmark’s influence in this area when I heard Karin Eskesen from Odense speak a couple of years ago in Sydney Australia. Her work with Remida was also fascinating. While researching I saw the wonderful conference you were part of leading last year and am wondering if a similar conference is planned for this year. I am looking to travel from 18 October – 25 October this year. I was inspired by the tours to Malmo and Lund that was part of the conference last year. I am wondering if you could please help me establish contact with these places and/or recommend other places that you feel might be of interest to me to visit. I have also heard of the I Ur och Skur Mulleborg on Lindingo Stockholm. Have you heard of this school? I am really hoping you can help me. Warmest wishes Alexandra

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