The Committee

Photo of Helle NebelongHelle Nebelong - Danish Landscape Architect and Master of Public Management who is internationally recognized as a designer of nature play spaces where children thrive. She runs her own private practice specialized in health design. As president of the Danish Playground Association and European representative in the leadership of Nature Action Collaborative for Children, NACC, she is a steady advocate for children’s rights to play and to have access to nature and a healthy environment.

Photo of Petra BengtssonPetra Bengtsson – Landscape Architect and PhD in Park Management. Project Manager at the Department of Internal Services. Interested in the collaboration between different professions and departments. Working with different Green projects in the City of Malmö, for example development of a preschool ground using pedagogical rooms, biodiversity and cultivation as ingredients.

Photo of Marianne BramsenMarianne Bramsen. Contemporary Artist with a background in sculpture. Bramsen is a founder of NaturÆstetik, where she creates participatory art projects for children. She connects children with nature by helping them create their own works in materials from nature.


Photo of Charlotte Bährner

Charlotte Bährner – Teacher at Lomma kommun and Environmental psychologist of landscape architecture. Interested in science of education and how environment can influence pupils with dysfunction of concentration, attendence and writing problems positively. Working with different Green projects in the Cities of Malmö and Lund, for example development of a preschool ground using pedagogical rooms, biodiversity and cultivation as ingredients and development of playgrounds for children with different dysfunctions.

Photo of Emma CrawleyEmma Crawley – Schoolyard inspirer at Malmö School of Nature with the aim to improve the design of schoolyards in a child’s perspective and to increase the pedagogical use of schoolyards. Teacher and environmental psychologist, with strong believe that free play in varied environment has a very important role in children’s development and health.


Photo of Gorm Friborg

Gorm Friborg





Photo of Inger Elisabeth LerstrupInger Lerstrup - is PhD-student as part of the research group Socio-environmental Studies, Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Copenhagen. Her project focuses on the wooded environment in relation to children’s outdoor activities in forest preschools. The aim is to make suggestions for design and management of urban forest and parks to support varied activity for children in the age-group 3-6.

Photo of Marie E. KielsgaardMarie E. Kielsgaard  – MSc in Agriculture, journalist and a teacher-student. Last year I was the web editor at a school garden project at Amager Fælled Skole, and as a future teacher I am very interested in the area. Besides that I am writing articles, doing homepages etc. – like this one for Nordic Adventure. I have been Information officer at the University of Copenhagen.


Photo of Klaus Nedergaard Klaus Nedergaard - secretary Dansk Legeplads Selskab (Danish Playground Association), pedagogue and manager of Byggelegepladsen Regnbuen (adventure playground Regnbuen) in Hvidovre. Klaus has more than 30 years of experience working with children and animals in kindergarten and adventure playgrounds.


Photo of Lene NielsenLene Nielsen - Landscape architect at The Child and Youth Administration in the City of Copenhagen. Designs playgrounds in preschools and schoolyards with focus on creating a combination of a diverse natural environment, with both physical challenges, and spaces for privacy and more focused play. She has played a major role in formulating guidelines for the playgrounds at Schools and preschools of Copenhagen. Member of the board of the Danish Playground Association.

Photo of Anne Dahl Refshauge

Anne Dahl Refshauge - Landscape Architect, PhD and Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, where she is teaching landscape architect students in Health Design and working with projects related to nature and human health. Her doctoral studies focused on the design and use of public playgrounds in urban green spaces. She also runs the consultancy ‘Leg & Landskab’ (Play & Landscape).

Photo of Frank OlesenFrank Olesen