70 people joined the conference

Around 70 people from around the globe joined the conference that was a successful mixture of plenary sessions, presentations, site visits and social experiences.

Enjoy the photos from the conference here!
Take a look at the speaker’s presentations here!

Comments and reflections from the evaluation form:

  • A wonderful mix of presenters who shared different perspectives.
  • The ministers were encouraging!
  • I felt the people who work with young people should build links and network to gain power along with politicians
  • I will start projects to get teenagers outdoors
  • I will be more focused to connect children to nature
  • Different countries solve similar problems. We should share them more.
  • What stops children get in contact with nature are often the adults. We have to make access simpler.
  • We need to create a burning platform so that outdoor teaching is compulsory. I must take my children out more.
  • The speakers, delegates and field trips gave me a lot of valuable ideas for how I will aim to conduct my research. It all highlighted to me the largest obstacles people in this area face and has given me insight into how these obstacles may be overcome to drive the movement forward. A common theme was that people had the passion, but not the finance or governmental support for their work. One thing that needs to be worked on worldwide.
  • Made it more clear that I’d like to work with kids, saw examples of good practice, also saw examples of bad practice which is good, met so many new people (obviously) and given the opportunity to network-support and motivate each other, given a different cultural load on what is happening and who is doing what in areas around Copenhagen, Denmark and Sweden, encouraging to see that people actually want to do something about the problem of not interacting with nature – however what are they actually going to do about it?
  • More and more nature in my work. Finding ways to encourage clients/schools to not use play structures but spend the money on nature and maintenance.
  • Lots of ideas; more cooking, sharing food outdoors, making collaborations across agencies concerned with nature, bring art and nature together.
  • The conference was very positive. Thank you very much for organizing it. It was great to meet a lot of new people that are interested in the same topic.
  • Everyone was so nice – really got a good team of people together and also got a really good atmosphere even though everyone is from vastly different walks of profession :) from landscape architects to primary school teachers to international ambassadors.
  • Bonfire was so wonderful. Amazing use of different locations.
  • Very early starts :-)
  • Very diverse, great people, beautiful and inspirational natural spaces. Thank you!

Best regards

Helle Nebelong


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