Day 3. Tours in Malmö

September 12, 2013. FOUR PARALLEL TOURS IN MALMÖ AND LUND (to choose from). 8-17 o’clock.
Tick one tour as your first choice and two as your second and third.

All four study tours include bus from Copenhagen to Malmö and back again, bus tours or boat and bike (nr 4), coffee and lunch. The lunch will be made and eaten outdoors and you might be involved in the making of it as an extra dimension of the experience.

1 Gardening as a pedagogical tool and Green School Grounds

This tour will focus on some new pedagogic places for children in the city of Malmö, Sweden.

Green School Grounds in Malmö will be your guide at schools that have recently been redesigned for new ways of exploring the curriculum outdoors and to increase physical activity. You will also visit the outdoor classroom of Malmö Museum where an outdoor classroom with an edible garden recently has been built!

Lunch and tour at Drömmarnas hus (House of Dreams). In the heart of Rosengård which is a suburb to Malmö, lies an old mansion with a lovely garden and a greenhouse. Slowly but steady the lawn is digged up to make place for edible plants, forestgarden and an outdoor kitchen. Everything is built up in the purpose of inspiring kids, youths and adults to start exploring growing, harvest and cooking outdoors.

2 Green Schoolgrounds and outdoor education in Lund

This tour will focus on using outdoor education by cultivation of vegetables, flowers, herbs and social skills at schools in Lund.

The School of Nature in Lund will be your guide during the day. At Vinden, an outdoor preschool, every day is an adventure. The children may use carpenter’s tools and the yard is maintained to be wild and permissive. You will also visit Gunnesboskolan secondary school where students use cultivation as a tool in the curriculum and the Special School for disabled children have created a garden for all senses.

Lunch and tour at S:t Hansgården, which is an organic farm/after-school club designed with permacultural principles, children are involved in the gardening and care of the animals.

3 Nature – Adventure in the City fringe

This tour will focus on using outdoor education in the nature.

The School of Nature in Malmö will be your guide during the day. A walk in the large beech forest, to experience “feeling” for Nature. School of Nature inspirers and educates teachers and students in Malmö to get outdoors.

At the house in Torup a garden is built for inspiration. Lunch will be cooked in the lovely garden.

You will also visit Skabersjöskolan – I Ur och Skur a “Forest School” for children aged 2,5 to 12. Here the pedagogic rely on experiential learning and playing outdoors. Learn more about the Swedish Forest schools here:

We will also visit Videdalsskolan where nature has moved in and replaced the asphalt. Large hills, meadows and fruit trees cover the center part of the school ground which was remade 2010.

4 Sea life for children in Malmö

We will investigate the Öresund sea by boat. A fishing boat will take you on a tour at sea; “the Nature-boat-concept” is using boats to explore the sea through the children´s view.

At the sandy beach of Ribersborg lunch will be prepared including what we catch at sea.

You will also visit SEA-U Water Workshop, Maritime knowledge center and explore activities in the shallow water. SEA-U is a pedagogic all-year- round activity for students from preschool to University level and the public, where everyone despite age, background and ability can experience the ocean in a number of different ways. A short bikeride is included in this trip.

Return by bus to Copenhagen

19:00 Festive dinner in Copenhagen